Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goals for Oct. 16-22 and a Picture

1.  I don't have the list in front of my but I think that this week's reading is all in Matthew.
2.  Journal prayer requests and thoughts
3.  Pray without ceasing!

1.  Walk 4.8 miles
2.  Stretch 7 days

1. Supervise Greg's work
2. Trip to Ballard Nature Center (I had to get that in there somewhere otherwise it wasn't going to happen!)

1. Do 90% of MM daily chores and most of others

1. Finish Abby's dress/pinafore/bonnet
2. cut out/sew my dress and bonnet
3. knit ball 4 and 5 of L's Christmas gift

The MAIN goal this week is the sewing.  I am a terrible procrastinator  so I am having to work quickly.  Thankfully I have Abby's stuff done.  I got my dress cut out and the bodice doesn't fit right so I'm going to have to alter it tomorrow.  I hate that.  I haven't decided how to do the back closer as I don't want to deal with a zipper.  Anyway.......

Here is a picture of Abby in her dress.  In this picture the buttons for the top of the dress aren't on (they still aren't) and the hem isn't done on the pinafore (it is now)......she loves the dress!

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Victoria said...

What a cutie in that little dress.