Friday, October 07, 2011

It seems like I have been chasing my tail all week.  On Sunday, I was relieved to see that the week didn't hold much in the way of outside activities but by Monday afternoon it sure did fill up!  And then my dear friend, Mary, lost her husband so we have been helping out where we can there and will finish the weekend with the funeral and such.

I feel like I haven't accomplished anything.  I did manage to sew Abby 2 pairs of bloomers (pictures later) and I did manage to do a little knitting.  I just finished ordering almost everything we will need to make our Halloween costumes this year.  I'm tired.  I look around and there is so much to do!  I don't even want to find the list I made or make another one because I know it will be so long.  Some days it is too much to ask that I get the housework stuff done let alone anything else.  At the longest we have about 3 months here so I am dreading the final packing and moving (but looking forward to getting the rest of our stuff out of the various storage locations we have commandeered for the last year).  Please pray that the home we desire will be available.  It is a heavy burden on our hearts right now.

I guess the pity party is over.  No more!  I've got much to be thankful for and there is too much to do for me to be sitting here whining.  LOL  I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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