Sunday, October 02, 2011

Goals for the Week of Oct. 2nd

Here are the goals for this week.  If you would like to see how I did last week you can see that below.

1. Read Amos 8 through Habakkuk 3
2. Pray daily and journal thoughts from God
3. Send cards of encouragement to those that need it

1. Stretch 7 days
2. Walk 4.8 miles

1. Supervise Greg's work
2. Preschool with Bear 3 times this week
3. Nature study at least one day - maybe a CIPS or Sam Parr
4. Start memory work for all of us :)

1. Complete 90% of Daily chores and Most of other chores on Motivated Moms planner
2. Take inventory of hat/glove/tights/socks needs for winter

1. Finish ball 4 and 5 of yarn on L.'s Christmas gift
2. make list of other projects that need completed for Christmas and assign done-by goal dates
3. make petticoats for me and Abby for Old-Fashioned Sunday
4. make 2 sets of bloomers for Abby
5. make Smurf jumper for me and Abby

1. order Smurf costume items
2. find Gargamel costume or something that will work

I think that's it.  Lots of sewing to do.  I have a tendency to put things off till the last minute.  LOL

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