Sunday, November 02, 2008

Coming Up This Week

Tomorrow, we get back to school! I am sure that the boys aren't nearly as excited as I am, but it adds a routine to our days that we dearly need. Norman is working mega overtime this week (he already has in 17 hrs. in 2 day - that's OT only - 16 regular hours - 33 hrs. total plus 2 hrs. drive time daily......ugggg = not much sleep for him). It looks like he will work 16 hour shifts the rest of the week. So we may school outside so that it is quiet in the house for him. I think that the weather will be beautiful for it.

Tuesday I am going to vote. I am going to spend Monday evening/night praying about Tuesday's events......I just have a terrible feeling about the whole deal so I need to lay it in God's hands.

I have to deal with some family issues and am hoping to do that Monday - get it done and over with. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE confrontation?? And that you never actually get anything "given" to you???? Trust me, you will pay for it in spades in emotional stress.

Bear has an appointment (shots) on Tuesday so I am going to do some shopping then. I think that we are taking the week off from TKD and will restart next week at the beginning of a testing cycle. So that will be good :) I will get to stay home most of the week.

I have at least 2 homeschool product reviews to post. I am going to try to get those done Wednesday evening. I am working hard to get another product done as well. So there may be 3. If that interests you, check back Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

We weaned Bear from his bottle. Weaned isn't exactly the right word......jerked is more appropriate I think. We severed all ties with the bottle on Friday. It took him till yesterday before he realized that this wasn't a temporary "bad mommy forgot it" situation. He has therefore stopped taking naps (unless it is in the car). Bedtime hasn't been so bad, but he is temporarily sleeping with me (us when dh is home) so that I can get some sleep. So far, so good. He threw a horrible fit Saturday night, but was finally comforted by stroking my hair. He has always had a thing about my hair :) He is eating like a horse. All I get done is feeding him. He may gain 5 lbs. this week. Heck, I may gain 5 lbs. this week from all the stress (mostly from the family situation - a tiny bit from the "no bottle" situation).

So, it is business as usual around here. I also need to start thinking about Thanksgiving......and Christmas. Off to bed, I go before I get myself worked up into a anxiety attack!

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