Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Commenters

I had 3 comments when I logged on today! I was so excited! I know from my site counter that several people stop by each day, but it is lovely to hear from some of you! Rather than trying to reply to comments, I figured that I would reply to questions and comments here. I love questions (and comments!) so please don't be afraid to ask. If you don't want it published just let me know and I won't publish it.

I am so glad that my homemaking post was a blessing to some of you! I have struggled with housekeeping for so many years. I am not an organized person. I know that I am not lazy (most of the time anyway) because I am always busy with something! I have learned to accept that right now isn't the time to worry myself with how messy my house might appear. It is clean under all the toys, books and papers and we spend time every day working on it, but I feel that relationships with people (my husband, children, and people that I meet every day) are more important than how neat my house is. What kind of witness am I if I don't open my home to others because of toys on the floor and books on the table??? God has more important things for me!

Thank you to the commenter (sorry, don't remember your name) that recommended the books by Beth Moore and Brooke Shields for struggling with depression. I am hoping that the natural progesterone cream I am currently using will help even out my moods but prayer and time with God is the most important thing! I will add those books to my reading list.

Another lady asked whether I thought Primary Language Lessons had helped Lee with his aversion to writing. I believe that Primary Language Lessons and its successor, Intermediate Language Lessons have been the best thing for Lee's writing ability. They have introduced different "needs" for writing with letters, short stories, dictation and copywork and journaling. He really took off with creative writing and writes the best stories all the time. I just can't stop him :) Not that I want to!!!! You can check these books out at My Father's World.

I am getting ready to post some reviews for some great products I have been blessed to try out lately. There are some great products out there! Remember, if something doesn't work with your child, keep searching! You will find just the right fit out there somewhere!


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