Thursday, November 06, 2008

On My Needles

The best way to overcome depression, besides prayer, is activity! I am staying busy. Today was a "hanging out" at home day with dad so I took this time to put a camoflage hat on my knitting needles for Lee. I made a blue hat for Bear and a camo hat for Greg and this will be Lee's camo hat.

The pattern is a basic hat pattern, knitted in the round on double pointed needles. I love double pointed needles! They look so difficult to master and yet are so makes me feel incredibly smart :) It really is mindless work though. That is my favorite kind.

We are going to have shrimp on the grill tonight. I did a mega-shopping session yesterday and stocked us up on much-used items. I feel better knowing that I have the makings of a month's worth of meals.

It is almost time to BAKE! I am eagerly looking forward to it. I didn't do much last year with the new baby so I am eagerly anticipating the great smells in my kitchen. I need to dig through my recipes and decide what to put on the list.

I hope that everyone has a great evening!

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The Wrights said...

When are you going to teach me how to knit....I'd love to learn!