Saturday, November 15, 2008

Salem Ridge Press

I have been blessed to be doing some "free" reading lately. That doesn't very often happen for me! I want to share what I have been reading with you.

Salem Ridge Press offers reprints of children's books from the 1800 and 1900's. These are wholesome books with stories that kept me tied to the book until the very end. Each book promoted good and Godly character and 2 of them tied a little history into the plot of their stories.

Mary Jane: Her Book written by Clara Ingram Judson (originally published in 1918) is written for younger readers and listeners. The reader follows little Mary Jane as she goes about her day, exploring and learning in her home and surrounding environment. I thought that this was the sweetest book! In my house of boys, I didn't read it aloud.....I doubt it would be appreciated, but a little girl of 4-10 would probably find it delightful. I couldn't wait to see what Mary Jane was up to next. I am also compelled to follow the example of her mother in teaching and training Mary Jane just by keeping her near throughout the day.

The American Twins of the Revolution by Lucy Fitch Perkins (originally published in 1926) is the story of a boy and a girl, and their mother and servants, and how they are an aid to George Washington and the Continental Army. The fictional story is interwoven with many facts and made this book a winner for me. It is written for a slightly older set....I would say ages 9 and up, although it could easily be read aloud for all. This is an exciting won't be able to stop at just one chapter!

Glaucia the Greek Slave by Emma Leslie (originally published in 1874) is written for the older set. I haven't had the opportunity to finish the book yet, but the story is captivating. Church history is woven throughout the story.......historical notes, timelines, word definitions and maps have been added to aid in the reader's understanding. A great help to me!

I am excited to have been introduced to this publisher. Mr. Daniel Mills takes great care in choosing the books that he reprints and this care shows! I can't wait to read more of these long-lost gems. The books are available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble (.com). Check them out for your homeschool or as great literature for the reader in your family!

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