Friday, November 21, 2008

One 2 Believe

Looking for a new nativity scene?

Looking for Bible based toys for those on your Christmas gift list?

Let me introduce you to One 2 Believe.

Our family was blessed with a nativity scene to review from One 2 Believe. The following is from the creator of these wonderful toys:

one2believe's passion is to help children learn important Bible lessons and
to have them come to faith in Jesus. Our goal is to provide fun ways of teaching
children about the greatest people who ever lived. Through the toys that we
design children will learn and play out exciting stories about real people. Our
toys teach children that there are real superheroes they can believe in!

one2believe has a great desire to support parents in their battle for
their children's hearts and minds. We pray that parents will take the lead by
engaging their children in faith and get them excited about Jesus. In
Phillipians it speaks about pressing on, at one2believe we believe that we will
either influence the world or the world will influence us.

We decided to check out our nativity set this week before Thanksgiving. I will start by telling you that we are very hard on nativity scenes. One year we lost baby Jesus and the current one is very scuffed up.

This new nativity scene is very sturdy. The pieces are larger than the normal ones and made from hard plastic rather than ceramic. I will note however, that baby Jesus is not attatched to the manager, so he is a choking hazard for Bear. Bear also tried to put baby Jesus in the toy box (where he wouldn't be seen from again). We decided that it would be better to keep the set up away from Bear until he is napping :)

One 2 Believe also has other toys that look interesting and fun for the kids. They have choices for boys and girls. The prices are all very reasonable.

If you are looking for toys for your little people, check them out!

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