Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wonderful Day

Today was a beautiful day.

Not necessarily outside.

My family and I enjoyed a beautiful day together. Norman worked a double shift last night so he slept this morning. Lee and Greg did their schoolwork on the internet this morning, trying out a product for me. Bear played while I supervised school, worked laundry, picked up the bathroom, made Christmas gift basket idea lists and fixed lunch. The boys and I ate nachos together and then they played while I read mail. We got dad up and spent a few minutes with him then I loaded the dishwasher and put Bear down for his nap. The boys and I did our together reading: Exploring Creation with Astronomy, King George: What Was His Problem?, and Johnny Tremain.

Since I worked on my chores throughout the morning, I was able to spend some time this afternoon listening to a CD and knitting. Bear woke up sometime around 4 and then I fixed supper; french toast. I read a chapter from Boys of Grit Who Changed the World from Lamplighter books. Greg and Bear took a bath while I did kitchen cleanup, then we all watched Wheel of Fortune and Jepardy. I took a shower and then put Bear to bed. My DVR runs non-stop on Tuesday evenings so I am catching up on NCIS, House and Law & Order SVU. I figure I will hit bed soon enough.

For what it is worth, I hit 300 posts with the one before this. When I started this blog I had no idea that I had this much to say! LOL

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I have some more reviews to put up. I hope that you are all enjoying them!

Have a blessed evening!

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Luke said...

Congratulations on 300 posts!