Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick kids

Just when things were going so smoothly.........BAM!.....sick kids. Bear has a double ear infection. He is on day 2 of antibiotics and I am hoping will begin to feel better. He ran a temp all weekend and yesterday (Tuesday) sat on my lap and cried for close to 2 hours. The only thing that would give him relief was Similisan. Thank goodness for that stuff!

The older boys also have colds. They voluntarily slept with a vaporizer all night. Norman also came home sick yesterday and he may be the worst off of those three. I have been taking mega doses of Vitamin C and praying that I don't come down with it.

I have managed to get some house cleaning and schoolwork down regardless. I feel like I have been running a marathon though. I will definately be glad when everyone around here is healthy again!

I have some posts that I would like to do and if Bear is feeling better I might get at least one up tonight!

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Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You will help everyone in the household to get better quickly. Protect Carrie as she deals with lots of sick folk and doesn't get a lot of rest herself. Amen.

May everyone get well soon!