Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today - and our Thanksgiving Menu

I had a thought today while watching a commercial during NCIS. Actually I was sorting coupons and listening to the TV; but anyway, the commercial was commenting how quickly the end of the weekend was coming and how we needed a pick-me-up. I don't know what the commercial was for since I wasn't watching.

The good part of this, since I know I am NOT making any sense, is that I am ALWAYS on "weekend mode". Think about it. If I was working outside of the home, on the weekends I would be catching up with laundry, housework and other home things I didn't have time for during the "work week". There are very few days that I HAVE to leave the house. I am on a perpetual weekend! Isn't that a better way to think about it, instead of thinking that you are always working???? I love it!!!!!!

I got up at 7 a.m. and Bear got up at 7:30 this morning. We had breakfast and then I deep cleaned the refrigerator. I hate doing that and it was worse with Bear helping. He emptied the door cubbies and then sat in the bottom while I was trying to wash the shelves. Then he tried to get all the stuff that belonged in the fridge off the freezer. Finally I got it done! Reorganized and it looks beautiful :) Then I started making gift mixes (mainly herb mixtures) for gift baskets we will be taking for dh's father's Thanksgiving/Christmas reunion. More about that in a bit.
Anyway, I made:
taco seasoning (the stuff I always use!)
pizza seasoning (gonna make some for me)
garlic herb mixture for bread
ranch dip and dressing mix
chili seasoning
turkey noodle soup mix (I can't wait to try that out)

I got all that cleaned up and started lunch. Everything was done and I was just about to feed everyone when Lee came in and begged for brownies. I am a sucker for begging children. So while everyone else ate I made a new brownie recipe; peanut butter, cream cheese brownies. They turned out so yummy! I ate lunch, then we ate brownies and Norman went to work. I put Bear down for his nap (still there) and then re-emerged to put away coupons, sort coupons, load dishwasher, wash pans, and fold diapers. I still need to fold 2 loads of laundry but I do that on my bed and that is where Bear is napping.

The feeling of work accomplished is fantastic! I will add though that I am still in my jammies :)

We are having friends over to join us for Thanksgiving dinner before Norman goes to work on Wednesday. We are having ham (cooked with pineapple), mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, mac and cheese (ask Norman), sweet potatoes and bavarian dinner rolls. And pumpkin pie. Can't forget about the pie!

We are having dinner early because we are leaving for Norman's father's house Thursday afternoon. They have the annual family reunion on the day after Thanksgiving. So we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with them at that time. We will be down there for a few days.

I will be staying busy this week, but I think that the worst of the work is done until Tuesday evening. We have much to be thankful for !

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