Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1st Birthday

We are home and settling back into a routine. I have major housecleaning to do! We are enjoying the last few days of Norman's vacation too!

Norman Matthew will be celebrating his first birthday tomorrow! I can't believe it has already been a year. He already looks like a "toddler" rather than a baby and I am so sad that he has grown up so quickly!

He really took to Nemo at Disney so he is having a Nemo birthday! Amazingly, we never owned that movie, and it is difficult to find now. I bought KMart's last copy :) He is getting a look-and-find board book, wooden stacking pegs, stuffed Nemo, Nemo bathtub toys, Nemo movie and Shamu bucket hat (couldn't find Nemo!). That seems like a lot, but he didn't get any souveniers on the trip because they were all for his birthday :) I figure he would like to unwrap them!

So, I need to get to work. I promise to be blogging regularly soon. I have lots of new reviews to post, so watch for that!

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