Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday in Review

I am going to try, every Wednesday, to post a review of something that I have found helping in my home or homeschool. Sometimes, these will be curriculum reviews that I have been asked to do for TEACH magazine or The Old Schoolhouse magazine. Sometimes, it will be something that I have used independently and found useful. I hope that you enjoy the reviews!

Help Me To Teach

I was up way into the night last night checking out this resource. Normally, this is NOT something that I would have bought. Essentially, it is a search engine of web links to pages sorted by topic or subject. First, I searched for American History. I was amazed at the results! There were informational sites, timeline sites, game sites. A search for "math" revealed worksheet making sites, online review game sites and how to teach fractions sites. When I searched for "geography" I found sites on maps, cultures, and more games. Impressive!

I am a "hold something in my hand" type person. I am not sure how much of this I would use in my day-to-day teaching if it isn't something that could be printed out (and there was a lot that could be). However, I am exploring the possibilities of allowing my older son to use this site for RESEARCH. I hate letting him search using Google because of the possibility of questionable content, but these links have all be checked out by the site owner before posting. Fabulous!

Also, through this site I have found enough math review games, geography games and worksheet makers to keep us in math review for a while. Everyone needs math review, right?

I will admit that I came to this site figuring that I was not going to be impressed. Boy was I wrong! Help Me 2 Teach claims that you can find a whole year's worth of study materials using their site alone and I believe that to be absolutely true. The cost for the site subscription is 3 months for $15.95 and 12 months for $29.95. That is an unbelievable deal for 12 months of school! With a subscription you will also receive a monthly newsletter that is filled with more wonderful information (this month was fall and spring equinoxes) and topical links (hurricanes and tornados).

To try the site out, you may purchase a 3 day subscription for $4.94 or a 1 month subscription for $9.95. I am sure that if you give it a try that you will not be disappointed!

If you are interested in reading other reviews of this product, feel free to check out the TOS Crew blog!


TOSHeidi said...

Very nicely done!
You are QUICK!

Nicole S. said...

Excellent Work! fellow Crew member! You did a wonderful job. I enjoyed reading it and you sold me on! Congrads also for being a part of the crew! I am very excited about it!
Nicole S.

hsmomma5 said...

I enjoyed your review. I don't think that the site will be that beneficial to me, as I do a great amount of research on Google anyway. However, you brought out an interesting point that I had not thought of when you said that you were considering letting your child use it for research as opposed to Google, where he may come up on objectionable content. Good work!