Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Missing Friends

I am wasting time on the internet today. I am moody I guess. I just spent several minutes searching facebook for people that I used to know. How sad is that?

That got me to thinking though.......how do our relationships develop and grow and then die so suddenly? In high school I had good friends. Upon graduation it was like someone flipped a switch and "poof", they were gone. We all went our separate ways. We all grew up and developed into the people that we are today. Most of my classmates I don't miss at all and a few I miss terribly.

I guess that we learn, as we get older, to guard our relationships more carefully. They need to be tended and worked at, rather than dropped when it gets hard or inconvenient. I guess that is part of getting older and wiser :) I am melancholy today, aren't I? Oh well, I suppose I just need to get OFF the internet and get back to packing.

Wait! The packing is done! WooHoo! The cleaning, however, isn't :( So, off I go!
Have a good day!

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Luke said...

This sounds like a longing for eternity. We simply do not have enough resources (time, energy...) to keep track of all the people we meet, and yet we long for a time when we no longer experience the loss that comes from separation. I also long for the New Earth.

May you find joy in the relationships you do have today.