Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walt Disney World and Sea World

Well, today I am sitting in our hotel suite, typing away. I just got done packing up our stuff for our long trip home. This vacation has been wonderful and I am so very glad that we were able to come. Norman, the boys and I have all said that we will have to come back but there are several things that we would do differently.

First, next time we come, we may skip all the hype and just stay at the beach. Our favorites were Caspersen Beach near Venice and Siesta Beach near Sarasota. I have never been so relaxed in my whole life. Siesta Beach was my favorite....the sand was white, the slope was VERY gradual and the sunset was beautiful. Norman and the older boys spent hours searching for sharks teeth at Caspersen Beach. We have half a juice bottle to bring home!

Second, if we ever do choose to come back to Disney, we will completely skip MGM (Hollywood) Studios and Epcot. We were not impressed at all. We loved Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. So, that will be the plan for next time.

Sea World was fantastic. Our tickets gave us a 2nd day free and we went again today and spent a few hours, but it probably wasn't worth the $15 parking. We got everything done in one day. And it is absolutely worth it to see both Shamu shows (Believe and Shamu Rocks). They are different and NOT to be missed.

We also believe that it would be worth it to pay for a Disney resort hotel if you plan to go to Disney. We didn't realize, but resort guests get to enter an hour early and stay 3 (THREE) hours later. The crowds would be so much smaller!!!!! So that will probably be part of the plan next time.

Universal Studios got skipped this time. A lot of the rides had height restrictions that wouldn't have allowed Greg to ride. Next time, we will probably go there. We also skipped GatorLand....we are just too tired.

The mall at Lake Buena Vista (outlet mall) isn't worth your time. The only thing that redeemed them was that they had an Old Navy.....but I can go to an Old Navy in Terre Haute so........

If you want to see, my pictures are on facebook....sorry, though, close friends only. You know...the privacy thing. When I get home I may try to post a favorite or two here, but it is a pain to upload pictures on blogger and a breeze to get them on just doesn't seem worth it to do it here. Sorry!

Also, I have learned that Starbucks is my friend!!!!! My goodness, I am addicted. There is one down the block and I love the Caramel Macchiato. Yummy!!!!!

I will be back up doing product reviews, homeschool posts and housekeeping stuff next week.

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