Saturday, October 04, 2008


It looks like Saturday again :)

We have finished planning for our upcoming trip. We will leave next Thursday morning. I will have my computer with me and will occassionally update about all the fun we are having.

Today, Greg has a soccer game. For some reason Lee's game got rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I don't want to go to a game tomorrow so I will see if a friend can take him. I am going to be doing laundry and start packing. And cleaning. I think that I will begin in our bedroom and bathroom since that will be "grand central" for the packing. Norman and the boys cleaned out the van yesterday and put the 3 person seat in the middle - leaving the other one out. Then Norman took it to town and vaccumed and washed it (3 times). It was dark when he got back but I am sure that it is beautiful!

I decided that I wasn't going to get on the internet this weekend, but habit prevailed and I was here before I realized it. Now, I am getting off here and getting to work! I am probably not getting back on until MONDAY. Have a great weekend!

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Crystal said...

Hey Carie,

I am so excited for you guys and your trip! Have a great time. I am sitting at a campground right now (free wi-fi, no better way to camp. I am addicted to RV's now. LOL!) When I get back to my desktop I will try to set an appt up with you for boy time before we are all moved.

Love you,