Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trigger Memory Systems

Trigger Memory Systems are the producers of Times Tales and Clean-n-Flips.

These are wonderful systems. Times Tales uses a story format to help children visually and mnemonically memorize their multiplication tables. I can't explain exactly how it works, but just reading through the story in the prescribed manner over the course of a few days really seems to help my children recall their facts.....even the hard to remember ones. The creator suggests that children as young as six can learn their multiplication facts effortlessly. The story seems a little immature to my 11 year old, but he seems to be helped by it as well.

The Clean and Flips are visual chore charts. Each room is broken down into different steps and there are check boxes so that your child can mark when he is finished with a particular step. Each step has a picture so that non-readers can use the charts as well. Everything is nicely laminated and well made, so that they will last the abuse that our household gives. One chart has the kitchen, bathroom and living room, another children's bedrooms and yet another for laundry. The charts even came with a dry-erase marker for easy marking/removal.

I am very impressed with these products. Times Tales is available for $29.95. Both may be viewed at the Trigger Memory Systems website.

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