Monday, December 29, 2008

Critical Thinking

Building Thinking Skills Level 2

Critical Thinking is a company dedicated to helping parents teach their children to think effectively. When their catalog comes in the mail I study it like it was a final exam. LOL We have been using Building Thinking Skills Level 2 all year with my son Lee. The workbook enables children to think through an idea or situation and teaches them how to express what they are thinking. The book begins with different shapes in different positions. The student is asked to describe the shapes and their relationships to each other. Each exercise is short and fun.

We have used many other of Critical Thinking's products over the years as well. Math Detectives encourage students to take a concept that they have learned and to apply it to daily "real life" situations. Reading Detective helps students to expand reading comprehension and encourages children to pay attention to where the information is at in the reading selection. Punctuation Puzzlers teaches proper punctuation with funny little riddles.

Critical Thinking provides different products for grades preK-12. Many of their products are available as workbooks or computer software. Building Thinking Skills Level 2 is for grades 4-6 and is available for $29.99

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