Monday, December 29, 2008

Math Mammoth

Blue Series

I was blessed to be asked to review the Blue Series of workbooks for Math Mammoth. The Blue Series of workbooks is arranged topically and is meant to supplement an existing math program. We found the workbooks very helpful and well laid out. A topic (such as multiplication) was presented sequentially. Plenty of examples were given as well as multiple practice problems. I think that they approach for memorizing math facts is very reasonable. I am not sure why I never thought of that!!!

The Blue Series is available for grades 1-5, but works with older children who are in need of review. I think that the books are very affordable (multiplication 1 was $4.95) and you may use them multiple times within your family. I received my copies via ebook download, but they do have them printed as well (for additional cost).

Math Mammoth produces other math products, including a full math curriculum. They offer a free tour of their website so make sure to check them out if you are in need of some math assistance.

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