Saturday, December 13, 2008

Waiting for Bed

Silly title, huh?

I am printing out tomorrow's bulletin for church so decided I would check in. Today I cleaned the house, fixed lunch, did laundry, baked a pecan pie (yummy), sorted coupons, wrote a review, read another book (for review) and addressed Christmas cards. If you are expecting a Christmas card from me, it will be to you by the end of the week (I am waiting for stamps).

Tomorrow we are going to participate in a candle-light service at a neighboring church. I haven't ever been before but friends say it is a wonderful experience. I am excited. Somehow, I feel more "Christmasy" this year. I guess I am usually so frazzled and busy that I forget to just experience the feelings of Christmas. I am so thankful for online shopping! I am done shopping and ready to go :) I am also getting to do all the little "Christmas" things that sometimes seem to get overlooked. There just seems to be less stress this year. I am very thankful for that.

Next week, we are spreading Christmas cheer at my mom's. The boys are going to put up her tree and then we will bake some cookies.

Printing is done. I need to hit the sack. Have a blessed evening!

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