Friday, December 12, 2008

Nasty Stomach Bug

I had heard it was going around, but was hopeful we would somehow miss it. No such luck. Since Tuesday, one or all of us have had it. Greg was last but seems to be the quickest to recover. Praising God for that! We may all be well enough to make a trip to town this afternoon.

So, today I am cleaning up. I have the dishwasher running and a load of laundry going. Bear took all the books off the bookshelf while all the rest were sick (he was sick Tues. and feeling good by the time it hit mom and dad!) so I got most of them put back up. The living room is still cluttered, but that's ok. We have lived there for over 2 days :)

I need to make a batch of oatmeal cookies. Dh ate the ones for my neighbor plates last night. He was feeling better!

Thankfully most of my shopping is done! T-2 weeks till Christmas. The kids are so excited!

Have a good weekend!

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