Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jealousy and Envy - At What Cost to Your Family?

Today I was reading James (chapter 4) with the boys during Bible study. The discussion was about jealousy and envy and how these can destroy relationships.

As humans we have needs. Then we have wants. Generally our needs don't get us into to much trouble as there is very little that we truthfully need. Food (beans, rice and water), shelter (not a mansion) and clothing (thrift store will do) are the basic needs for life. Where we, as humans, get into trouble is with our wants. We want better food. We want a nicer house. We want fancy clothes. And then there are the gadgets! The biggest problem with this occurs when we see our neighbor with a new car, home improvements or larger grocery budget (not to mention that new ipod, cell phone or laptop computer). How does that make us feel?

Are we thankful for the blessings that God has bestowed on them? Do we compare situations and find ourselves wanting?

The commercialization of our culture doesn't usually make the situation any better. We can see the new things just as soon as they are created. The TV/Radio makes sure to tell us that we NEED the newer option.

I have noticed in my life that envy and jealousy can have a very negative impact on my family. I see another family buy that new vehicle and I begin nagging my husband for a new one as well. A relative builds a beautiful new house and suddenly mine looks shabby in comparison. As the wife I get to choose how that makes my husband feel.

Husbands of a one-income family have a very large burden to bear, right off the bat. They must shoulder all the responsibility for finances. If they are sick, disabled or layed off then who will care for their family? Who will take care of the NEEDS of that family?

This morning, I was praying and began thinking about James 4. Envy and jealousy cause quarrels among people. They are the source of anger. The jealousy that a wife can feel can also destroy a hard working husband. We must always be careful that our actions and words affirm the blessings that God is giving us through our husbands. We must be very careful when speaking or referring to the blessings of others, that we don't speak ill of the blessings that our husbands have given us. If you have your 3 basic needs met, in any form, then you are very blessed indeed. Other things in life are just icing on a very good cake. If we are blessed to receive those things - what a blessing!

Thank you is a simple thing to say and I really believe that we should be saying it more often. Especially to our husbands.

Have a good night!

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Crystal Wetherholt said...

What a wonderful post!! I have often thought it would be so nice if everything was free or at least if money was not so important as it is today. Money and the things that it can buy has become a focal point in many peoples lives. It used to be one of mine and I am so thankful for the humbling God gave me despite the pain. It really helped to get my priorities a little more in line.

God bless and keep encouraging!!!