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Assessment and Learning - K-12 and Higher Education Tutor in Math

ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) can provide you with
the instruction and support you need to homeschool your children in mathematics
for grades 3-12. ALEKS is accessible from virtually any computer with
Internet access, making it a flexible and mobile educational solution for your

ALEKS is a Research-Based Online Math Program:
Complete Curriculum
Solution for Math - One Subscription Allows Access to All Courses
Textbook Required
Artificial Intelligence Targets Gaps in Student Knowledge
Assessment and Individualized Learning for Grades 3-12
Automated Reports
Monitor Learning Progress
Unlimited Online Access - PC & Mac Compatible

Our family had the opportunity to try out Aleks for one month. We have been blessed beyond belief by this opportunity. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but Aleks surpassed my wildest expectations.

After signing up for Aleks, your child will be given an assessment test (the parent will determine what level to place the child - that can be changed later). The beginning of the test walks the student through using Aleks. Both of my boys had no trouble. Then the test, 20-30 questions. If they don't know the answer there is a button for "haven't learned that yet". The children aren't graded during the assessment. Afterwards, a graph shows what they know and what they need to work on in that level.

During the actual learning portion there were Quick Tables in level 3 (I think also in level 4 and 5). These are fact drills. They are "timed". This frustrated Lee but Greg took to it really quick and at the end even Lee had to admit that they were fun. I let them work on these for 15 mins. and then moved them on to the lesson. The student will only work on the things that were indicated in their assessment. You or the student can decide the order. A problem is presented and an explanation of the problem is available. Then practice problems are given until the lesson is mastered. At that time the student can move to the next skill. If you need to quit, the program remembers where you are and you can pick up where you left off next time.

It is very easy to see the gaps in math knowledge with this program. I knew that we had some gaps, but I honestly had no idea how many! The boys didn't seem to have any problem working through their lessons. I did stay available to help, but wasn't needed very much.

Aleks can be accessed from any computer (home, library, etc.). It is very easy to use. There are parent reports and parents can request that the student be re-assessed at any time. The only flaw I found was that as you work through the skills, there doesn't seem to be any review of previously taught material. This isn't a problem if Aleks is used as a supplement, but should be considered if you are wanting to use it as a complete math program.

Aleks also has levels for higher math learning. I briefly tried out the Fundamentals in Accounting. I was an accounting major in college. I failed the assessment miserably! But the lessons seemed to be well explained and thorough.

A subscription to ALEKS is
$19.95 per student, per month, or
only $99.95 every 6 months, or
only $179.95 every 12 months
Family discounts are available.

Aleks is offering my readers a Free One Month trial (rather than the 48 hr. trial offered on their website). If you are looking for some help with math, I urge you to go over and give them a try!

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