Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Busy-ness seems to come in spurts around here!

I am feeling like I am on my feet all day as soon as they hit the ground in the morning. School is going well, although we are all still getting used to the routine again. Bear has a cold, so he is miserable.

We have taekwondo pretesting tomorrow (only for me, nobody else is ready). I NEED to go to Aldi's tomorrow and get some stuff. I have been ordering from our local food co-op and that is such a blessing, but we have managed to run out of stuff like mayonnaise and salt (dh picked up the salt though). Hopefully we will be able to do that tomorrow. Our local town-wide garage sales start Friday and my husband has agreed to get up early and come with me. I am hoping to score some great deals!

Leland needs clothes, again. It is a blessing that he is finally growing (smile) but he seems to be doing it all at once. I bought him some jeans at Kohls in January and he has already outgrown them. Greg is happy though, because he is the next size down and he loved those camo cords that Lee picked out :) And both of the older boys need shoes. So we are going to be doing some shopping here in the near future.

I have another post planned on curriculum choices for kindergarten and 1st grade. I plan on doing the series through 3rd or 4th grade. I don't want to give recommendations on things that I haven't used and loved through the first 2 boys. I only want to recommend the very best to you!

I am hoping to get to do some knitting and sewing in the next few weeks. Lots of do and no time to do it.
Have a happy week!

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Bekah said...

Hello! Found your blog through LetsGetReal, and I have to say, I love your style! So neat to read about your homeschooling journey. I'm definitely going to consider those super-short lessons, now, after reading about your first day. I hope it's still going well!