Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As most of you know, we moved almost 3 weeks ago.  Although the move was an answer to pray and a very real gift from God, moving is stressful.  I am still looking for things and working through routines in a new-to-us, bigger home.  Let me give you an taste of what yesterday was like at our house......

I got up late.  My husband is on vacation so I didn't wake up until I had to get my oldest son up for school.  Abby (18 months) woke up at the same time.  We wake Lee and then drag downstairs and start the coffee pot.....and the laundry.  Lee comes downstairs to tell me that he can't find his coat and has no idea when the last time he had it was.  (we just came back from a thanksgiving trip :( )  He needs a hoodie clean because it is very cold and he walks about 3 blocks to school now.  Both of his hoodies are in the in the washing machine.  He is frustrated that I didn't have his hoodie clean and I am irritated that he has lost his coat.  I sit back down with my cup of coffee, irritiated about the coat, the fact that I haven't had my quiet time yet, irritated that my hard-working husband is still asleep, irritated that I have a huge list of to-do's to do today........then Abby tries to pick up my coffee cup and spills it all over the end table and my phone (thankfully it wasn't hot and didn't burn her).  I yell at her.  Frustrated that I can't even drink my coffee in peace, I get Lee's hoodie into the dryer (and dry before he needs to leave for school - go me!) and then take inventory of the kitchen.  The older boys "cleaned" it last night after supper.  But they didn't wipe down the counters or table, put away the clean dishes, or even wash all the dirty ones.  In their defense, they've never cleaned a kitchen before so I should have been thankful that they were trying to help.  Instead I was irritated that I was having to do it when my morning was already going so badly.  Then Abby starts taking stuff out of cabinets (we haven't installed child locks yet) so I yell at her again and shove stuff back in there.  I am unhappily washing dishes a few minutes later when Abby toddles up behind me and bites me on the butt!  (((Abby has been biting a lot lately and we are dealing with it.  Yesterday was the 3rd time in 3 days that she has bitten me.  Bear is usually the recipient of her teeth marks.  She also got a hold of her dad yesterday afternoon.)))  My screaming woke my husband and both the other boys.  Poor Abby got a terrible butt-spanking.  I felt terrible and my day was only getting worse.

In fact, my day did get better.  I was able to complete all my to-do's, have a quick fast food lunch down the street with my family.  The house was clean when the nice man came to install the internet and was still clean when our photographer came to do our family holiday photos.  I even had time to finish knitting a hat for Abby.  What was I so worked up about?????

Yelling: The Cause, The Casuality, The Cure  has been sitting on my computer since before our move.  I knew that I needed to read it for The Gabby Moms review group.  Even as I was screaming yesterday, I said to myself, "you need to find time to read that book!".  So this morning I got up a tad bit early and gave myself some time to read (after quiet time, laundry starting and coffee drinking LOL).

That is exactly what I felt like yesterday!  I also find it interesting to note that over the weekend I have put myself in time-out several times.  I needed help!

Lorrie gave it to me.  From starting my day with God, finding my triggers, adequate care of myself and my children, Lorrie encourages me not to give up.  This is a battle that I can - and will - win!  God is with me!!!!!!

I am looking forward to a good day today.  With God's help and Lorrie's encouragement, at the end of the day I will be able to look back with a smile rather than guilt.  If you would also like to end your day guilt-free, be sure to check out for this book (available for $12.97) and others to help you along your way to a peaceful home.  You can also see what other moms are saying about this topic and more at

***I received this product free (boy did I need it!) in exchange for a fair and honest review as part of the  Gabby Moms review program.***


Victoria said...

I LOVE this review, Carie! I'm so sorry you've been having a rough time. Moving and all the stress involved is so hard on a family. I've been there too many times. But, your experience has helped you to make this review very personal and interesting to read. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing! I think all we mothers need this :)

Cindy said...

Great the rundown on your day,made me smile ;)