Saturday, November 05, 2011


What do you think?  As you can tell, we dressed as Smurfs for Halloween this year.  Lee was dressed as Gargamel.  I wanted to dress Sadie up as Azreal but nobody wanted to drag her along so we did without. 

The Gargamel outfit is a wizard robe and belt and then Lee is wearing a "bald cap".  His curly hair sticking out around the ears worked out perfectly.  Papa Smurf is wearing red sweatpants and a blue long-sleeved t-shirt.  For all the hats we took felt and cut out 2 triangles, curved the top "point" and then stuffed it appropriately, running a seam in the middle of the hat to keep the stuffing where it was supposed to be and help the hat to flop forward properly.  For Papa Smurf's beard we cut 3 layers of quilt batting in the proper shape and then sewed it to a piece of elastic which we safety pinned to the hat at the ears and then around in the back.  Greg and Bear (lazy and handy Smurf respectively) are wearing white pants (Greg's are sweats, Bear's are long-johns over sweats) and long sleeved blue t-shirts. 

Abby's dress is beautiful.  I think she will wear it to church on Sunday.  I actually put a zipper in something for once.  I used a bottom-weight twill for both dresses.  It works splendidly for Abby's dress but my dress kept sticking to my legs.  So it was bothersome, but in actuality the dress is shorter than I would have chosen because I needed to show off my blue legs.  I got the tights at I Love Colors, a webstore that sells tights in 56 colors (from infant to plus size).  These are great tights.  Nice quality and the colors are true to the pictures.  I was very pleased.  We are also wearing long-sleeved t-shirts.  Norman insisted that I make shoe covers in the appropriate colors for those who weren't wearing appropriately colored shoes.  If Norman is going to do something, he goes all the way.  That is why we are wearing body paint.

I would have been perfectly happy being smurfs with flesh colored skin, but oh no!  Norman bought face paint, so we painted our faces and hands.  It wasn't bad putting it on and I didn't really mind it while it was on, but it took forever to get off (it DID wash out of the white dresses though - amazing!)  Abby thought we were all funny with blue faces until it was her turn to get painted and then she didn't like it so much.  She HATED me scrubbing it off the next morning (yes, she and Bear and Greg all slept in their face paint.  They were tired.  LOL).  I noticed today, almost a week later, that she still has a little spot of blue inside one of her ears. 

A lot of people didn't get that Lee was Gargamel but a few did and we got a lot of positive comments.  Lee is already plotting what we can all be for next year.  I call that a success!

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PattyAnnW said...

Carie, thank you so much for sharing this. I know you worked very hard on the outfits and I was curious how they turned out. Wonderful!!! You did a great job, and a big HOORAH for everyone!