Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ya know how some days you should just stay in bed? This is one of those days!

During the 3:30 a.m. "I wanna be up and snuggle with mommy" Little Bear stuck his finger in my eye. I did manage to go back to sleep with him on the couch, but when I awoke it really, really hurt! It is all bloodshot and watery and hurts quite a bit. The watery eyes make my nose run and I have been through 2 boxes of kleenex all ready. I sure hope that it doesn't hurt tomorrow!

Lee has soccer practice tonight. I had the boys do their "independent" school work so that I didn't have to try to read too much. They are outside doing yard work with dad. We had pork steaks, sweet corn and zucchini for lunch. I have meatballs in the crock pot now for spaghetti and meatballs.

Yesterday, the boys and I walked/biked 4 miles to visit my Great-Aunt Marge. She lives straight across the section (miles as the crow flies), but with the fields still in we had to walk around.....2 miles each way. I was soooo tired last night. I know that if I keep it up eventually it won't be such a big deal, but it just isn't happening quick enough. Little Bear and I walk while the boys practice, so we get 1 hour on Tuesday (Greg's practice) and 1.5 hours on Thursday (Lee's practice). If we don't walk then Bear tries to play :)

Well, staring at the computer is hurting my eyes so I am getting off here. I will try to post something more interesting tomorrow!

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