Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Digital - Review


I have just spent some time exploring The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Summer issue, not in print like usual, but in DIGITAL. Interesting, huh? I have a tendency to be stuck in a rut, so I am not normally impressed with new stuff until it has been around a while, but this is definately cool.

I do cherish my print version of TOS. I eagerly anticipate its arrival every month. This version, though, has so many more practical applications, such as clickable links for email and websites, that I think it is a treasure of its own accord.

Everything that is in the print version is here. The magazine is IN your computer. When you hover over page corners (or push the pgdn button) the page turns. All the cool author links are able to be followed without even getting out of your chair! Want to send an email to the author? Just click on the email address and you are ready to go. Want to view a curriculum publisher's website? You are right there, in the time it takes to think about it.

Granted, you can't really curl up with the digital version like I do my print version. It would be hard to stuff it into your purse, or drag it around in the car (at least I try not to abuse my laptop that way!) but when you are able to use your computer you are able to access your magazine and all of the advertisements and links that are available to you.

TOS is really staying ahead of the technology game with this new adventure. I can't imagine what these guys will come up with next! If you want to check it out, you can purchase a subscription or check out back issues at The Schoolhouse Store.

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Crystal said...

Great review! I am sold on the digital edition because I can share it. I also love the links.