Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Laziness and Anger

My heart has recently been burdened by two very serious character flaws that I have. One is the anger that I hold in my heart and the other is laziness. As a goal for myself this school year, I have decided to fight the anger in my heart, actions, and life and to overcome my tendency towards laziness. These are BIG goals! To tackle both of them at one time would be impossible if I was doing it myself, but my God is BIGGER than my character flaws!

There are 6 steps that I have purposed to take to reach my goal. I will review these goals/steps on January 1st, 2009 and see what God would have me to do then.
1. read at least 1 verse a day regarding either anger or laziness
2. copy verse in my bible journal and post on blog (accountability)
3. write down every instance of anger, pray and ask forgiveness from God and the person I lashed out at
4. limit TV to Saturdays
5. limit internet to 15 minutes 2 times a day during the week and 1 hour on Sunday
6. make scripture memory a priority

For scripture memory I will be using verses from The Joy of Womanhood Study by Susan D. Zakula. This study is available at Keepers of the Faith. I will also be memorizing verses from James with the boys and anything else that the Lord lays on my heart.

I will try to post updates about my journey at least weekly. I wish that I could guarantee that I would post more frequently than that, but God may have other plans for my days! I look forward to letting Him direct my paths!

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Crystal said...

I am so proud of you for developing your character. I love the change in my character when it is complete, I just don't always enjoy the process. :) Our family is working on developing being more responsible now. Wow that is hard too.

God will bless you because you want to grow in your walk with Him and because you love Him enough to do it. Keep working at it, as we are too!!