Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One Sock

I am sure that many of you remember that I have taken to knitting socks......well at least one sock anyway. I finished the first sock on Sunday. I started it's mate, but have already had to rip it out.....But that's ok, because as I told Lee, every time I have to take it apart and start over I have learned something. I must have patience and persevere so that my lone sock will have a mate :) Maybe by the end of the weekend I will have a pair.

I am learning more stitches and have a better understanding of how things are supposed to go together. I am getting valuable practice. Maybe I will be able to start something in that knitted lace book that is so intimidating! I will definately have to dig the book out and take a look again this winter. Unfortunately most of those patterns are in chart form and I am not very good at reading charts. Oh well, I guess that I will need to figure out a way to practice that much to little time.


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