Sunday, August 06, 2006

I just want to Praise The Lord!!!!!

This morning, at 11:00 a.m., my oldest son, Lee asked Jesus to come into his life and was baptized at the Falmouth Church of Christ. My dh and I were crying so much......luckily a dear friend had hankies to share :) I am so blessed that he is a member of the family of God.

Norman, was able to attend, after working a 16 hour shift last night....he got off work at 7 a.m. and drove home, arriving around 8. He took a 30 min. nap and then went with us to the services. We got home, ate lunch and he went back to work for his regular shift. I am so lucky that he is a wonderful provider! I think that I am going to stay up late tonight and talk to him on the cells while he drives home to help keep him awake. I worry about him when he is so tired.

I should be able to complete the baby blanket that I am making for a friend this evening. It is striped, white, light blue and dark blue. I am doing it in a stockinette stitch, pattern of my own design. Nothing fancy...but I think that it is pretty cute. I ordered a new book with sock patterns. I am really wanting to know how to knit socks! So hopefully I will be able to figure it out. In the meantime I will work on a cross stitch project that I have started.

This week will be pretty calm, relatively speaking :) Lee's b-day get-together will be Wed. a.m. We will grill out and have cake and ice cream. We aren't inviting a hoard of kids....we are going to do that in a couple of weeks on a weekend when Norman can be home. LOL This weekend we are going to go to Lexington KY for a taekwondo tournament. This will be the first tournament where I will be able to spar competitively. I am not very good so I am not expecting much :) But the kids love it and the trip will be fun. We are staying at a Hyatt Regency (bobbing eyebrows) with a reduced ATA discount. So we will see how the "other half" lives :) Is a great website that I have just stumbled upon. Amanda does amazing things with yarn. Scroll down and see the pastel yellow/pink one. They are beautiful.

Anyway, I don't know if I will make it back this week, but have a glorious time with our Lord!


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