Friday, August 04, 2006

1st Week Down

Today was another Fabulous Friday, the last of the year. We had such a great time at the pond of a friend. We had a singing time, bible story, bible lesson, lunch, horseback rides and swimming. The boys and I are very tired!

Last night was the first meeting of a local homeschool group that I attend. I just joined this group this year and I have already been so blessed by it. They are such a wonderful group of ladies! It was a tremendous blessing just to sit and soak up their wisdom. They all had such sweet, quiet, humble spirits.

Speaking of sweet, quiet spirits, I believe that I will need to work on mine. It isn't exactly sweet or quiet. I am also dealing with laziness in my life. I am such a lazy person. So today, I am working on that. I am trying to mow part of the yard for dh....if only I could get the lawn mower restarted :) I think that I flooded it.

Tomorrow is laundry day. I will probably try to mow some more also. We push mow a very large yard and so it takes a while :) About 3 hours total, but dh couldn't do it on his days off because of the extreme heat and then the rain so we are just doing it an hour at a time. Hopefully we will be able to finish it tomorrow.

Till next time.........

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