Sunday, August 13, 2006

We Made it Back

Yeah!!!! We got back home about 12:30 last night.....Norman was such a gentleman and drove all the way home so that I could rest.

We brought home 10 trophies!!!!! All "place" trophies, not competitor trophies....although we are usually very proud of those too :) Lee got a 2nd in forms, 2nd in weapons and 3rd in sparring. Greg got a 1st in forms and 1st in weapons. Shannon got a 3rd in forms (fantastic for a first tournament). Norman got a 1st in forms, 1st in weapons and 2nd in sparring. I got a 3rd in sparring....although I admit that I don't know how. I never did score a point. The girl I was sparring had incredible balance and I never could get past her leg :) We had a good time. It is always very stressful for me and I don't handle stress well, but I think that I did pretty good. The problem occurs when I have more than one person in different rings all at the same time. Yesterday I was trying to take pics of Norman, Lee and Shannon in 3 different rings all at the same time, plus get pics of some friends who were also in different rings......ARRRRRRR!!!!! But I managed :) I think that maybe I get a little less stressed every time...maybe. Remind me of that next time :)

So today we are resting. Taking Shannon home sometime this a.m. And resting.
Did I mention that we were resting today????

I got a new "learn to knit socks" book in the mail while we were gone, so I might try to find some yarn and see if I can figure it out. I just can't get the hang of 3 double pointed needles.

I don't know if I told you.....but I have to go REST now :) Have a good Lord's day!

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LH said...

Oh that sounds like a great activity [except for the "stress" part of course!] I hope you have a restful couple of days!