Friday, September 01, 2006

Discussions at our House

We have had some interesting discussions here at my house lately. Greg has become fascinated with everything to do with babies. Where do babies come from? How did they get in there? How do they get out???? Don't you know mom?????? Yes, of course I do. Does dad???? Yeah, I told him :) He has also started singing our cocker spaniel to sleep in the afternoons. He is convinced that she can't take a nap unless he sings to her. And boy is he mad if someone accidentally wakes her up! So now that I have explained (in the least detailed way possible) the answers to all of his questions, he want to know what babies do while they are here. How much do they sleep, when and what do they eat, what do they wear, can they talk, etc. Now, this child has been around babies, several different babies, but I guess that maybe he never paid attention. Since he is the "baby" at our house, he doesn't have 1st hand knowledge of a lot of these things himself. ATTN: I am not at this time pregnant. I would love to be, but I am not. I am hoping that maybe this is some kind of prepartion for a surprise that God has for us :)

Also, we are studying history chronologically starting with Genesis this year. After 4 weeks, we have got to Noah (I am worried that ancient history may take as long to study as it did to occur). Anyway, Lee decided that people who believe that the flood was a localized event must be nuts because God promised never to send another flood and we have localized floods all the time.....and God never lies so He must have been referring to another WORLD WIDE flood. Fabulous thinking!!!!! I was so proud. Most of the time they just sit there and don't like to discuss anything. I always wonder if they are listening, but today they were!

I am liking all of this discussion here at our house, but I would like to set some rules if you don't mind:
1. No questions about babies before 8:30 a.m. I am just not awake enough before then.
2. Discussions of all kinds should be limited to days when my brain is actually up to it. We should not sit like dummies on the days that mom is at peak brain production and then expect to have an intellectual conversation on the day when I am brain dead....Fair?
3. In retrospect, I think that I have had my fair share of baby questions, go ask your dad. He knows all the answers, I told him.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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