Friday, September 08, 2006

Praying for the Godfrey's

If you feel led please pray for the Godfrey family. I only know of them online, but they really need prayer right now. The following is taken from

Quote from Susan's
on Sept. 6th: "This morning has been really rough. We are now
less than 1 week away from the baby's birth and on the way home from taking
Marty to work, it hit me pretty hard. I had to pull over and cry and pray for a
bit. I'm feeling better, but the tears are still just under the
surface..."Please join in prayer to uplift this family during this tough
time. Susan Godfrey (former blog
at homeschool blogger) will be induced on September 12th, with a potential
c-section if things don't go well. Because the baby has potter's syndrome,
it will die within hours of being born. They have known about it since the
beginning of June and her blog has contained many heart-wrenching posts about
the life alive within her that's safe until it enters the world

This just breaks my heart. Please pray if you feel led.




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