Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shawls, socks, reviews and kids....Oh My!!!!

Suddenly I have become a very busy woman :) My aunt, from Seattle, WA called and commissioned 3 shawls and a pair of knitted socks from me. She is sending the yarn for the shawls priority mail, last night or today, and wants the first one done ASAP. The other 2 and the socks (for which I will get the yarn) are to be done as I am able. I have another review due in Oct. I have read the book for it, The Latin Centered Curriculum by Andrew Campbell, but I will need to reread and get the review done. I love doing these reviews. I always have an opinion about something and it is great to have a venue to express my opinions :) I also just picked up another kid to babysit. It is only half days and he is a cousin so we are all familiar with each other. He has stayed here many times before, just nothing regular. I know that we will love having him here.

School is going good. Lee is really liking Latin. He is calling it our secret little language :) Hopefully we will have some phrases down so that we can actually talk to each other and keep the excitement going. Greg is wanting to join in the fun, but I told him that he needed to finish his phonics books first...he should wrap that up by Christmas at the latest. I never dreamed that Latin would go this smoothly. Lee grumps a little about the written exercises, but he jumps at the oral ones. And he is a flashcard junkie, so that is going well also. If you would have told me a year ago that Lee would like Latin I would have been on the ground laughing. I never would have believed it. It certainly pays to expand our horizons :)

Also on the homefront, I am beginning my first round of fertility treatments with Clomid in the next week or so. I am hoping and praying that one round is all that it will take, but trying to keep the disappointment level low. How often does this work on the first try anyway??? Prayers are certainly appreciated it you feel led.

That is about all for now....the boys must be awakened so that school can commence. Have a good day!

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