Thursday, September 21, 2006

My child in pain

We had to take Gregory to the doctor yesterday. He had dropped a concrete cinder block on his toe Sunday evening and the blood was beginning to spread up his toe. It was really swelled up and looked a lot worse on Wed. morning than it did on Monday. We thought that they would just drain the blood...........we were wrong. :(

First they stuck a needle under his toenail to give him some novacain. They said that this would hurt really, really bad (and for the dr. and nurse to say that.....well it was horribly bad). But the novacain was supposed to keep him from feeling the horrific part. They had to take a skinny pair of pliers and tear his toenail off. The novacain didn't work. I have never heard screaming so intense from anyone in my life. I tried to comfort him as Norman held him down. I was so glad that he was there.....I don't know how I would have handled it without him there. Lee, eager to watch the proceedings, had to turn away....he couldn't watch. When they were done, they discovered why the novacain didn't work.....he had a gash all the way across his toe in the nail bed. That is why there was so much internal blood pooling....the blood couldn't get out and it is still bleeding. Needless to say Greg is getting the royal treatment at this house. No school today.....for anyone.....

This whole experience reminds me of how God must have felt watching Jesus die on the cross for us. The agony for him must have been horrible as Jesus cried out in pain. I can't imagine. I know how I felt yesterday. It makes me ever the more thankful for the sacrifice that was made for me.


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LH said...

oh ouch! that hurts me just reading that. I was thinking how Mary may have felt seeing Jesus suffering too . . and then you mentioned something similar in your post also.
Glad everyone got a day off school. Hope the foot heals well!