Saturday, September 30, 2006

Last Day of September

Here it is the end of September..........where does the time go????? Sometimes I just want time to STOP!!!!! Maybe then I would get something done :)

Today we had soccer games. At overlapping times. At fields on opposite sides of town. I watched the first quarter of Lee's game, took Greg to his game and watched the first quarter. Then I drove back across town and watched the very last of Lee's game and picked him up and then we went back across town, watched the last 5 minutes of Greg's game...went to IGA and then HOME!!!!!

I finally got so sick of the kitchen being a cluttered, disorganized mess that I worked on it. It took about 1.5 hours but the kitchen is in pretty good shape now. I still need to get something with a long handle so that I can get the dustbunnies that live near the ceiling but other than that it is very livable. I might tackle the living room tomorrow. Out of exhaustion I finished knitting Aunt B's shawl. All I need to do is put on the fringe. I personally don't like fringe, but she does so fringe it is. I started working with some new yarn that I just got this evening. It is cool!!!! I can't tell about it because at least one of the recipients of the gifts it will become read this everyone will have to wait until Christmas :)

I am eagerly anticipating my new Knit Picks catalog....and my new Vision Forum catalog.....and my new Urban Homemaker catalog.........where, oh where are my catalogs :)

Tomorrow will be a typical in the a.m. and then maybe we will go to Grandma's in the afternoon. We will see.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!!!!

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