Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving Day 7

Good morning!

The reason that I am doing these posts on my blog rather than on facebook is because I have a lot to say about many of the things that I mention here.  Today may be one of those days.  lol

Today I am thankful for the ability to stay home with my children and still contribute to our finances via homebased businesses.

In case you haven't seen the writing on the wall, here goes.  In the last 4 years my dh has taken a pay cut in increased insurance premiums (copays went up as well while coverage went way, way down) and his pension isn't a guaranteed thing.  With the "yes" votes for the amendment last night he will be lucky to have  a pension at all and may have to work until he is 70 to get it.  My husband is a correctional officer.  He works in overcrowded, dangerous situations every day.  We have watched the state make promises and jerk them away (plus some) for several years now.  Give a little, then take, take, take some more.  Give a tiny bit, then take, take, take.  Keep them just happy enough that they have to keep working.  Make it so they don't have many other options.  I mean, really, lets face it....where is a 37 year old man going to get another job in this point in time?  One that might actually pay the bills and put food on the table?  Yeah.  So he keeps plugging along and we pray every day that he doesn't get hurt or nobody gets seriously sick. 

I work away from home 1 day a week.  I definatley am not getting rich but sometimes my work each week is what pays for the groceries.  I also run an AVON business from my home.  If you've been reading my other posts then you know that this is not eating bonbons.  If you want to build a business, you work your butt off.  You work at inconvenient times.  You work when you would rather be sleeping.  But in sales, the economy matters.  So in these times, it doesn't always matter how hard I work....if my customers don't have any extra money, then they aren't buying things from me.  I also do custom knitting and sewing from home.  I have to tell you that at Christmas I can make some decent money doing this, but the rest of the year, not so much.  It is what it is.  And the economy still applies.

Knowing what I know and facing the future, I find it imperative to work, work, work and build, build build.  I am thankful that I have the ability to do this.  I know that in some parts of the world it isn't a possibility.  Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to use the skills and talents that you have given me to help support my family.  Thank you for letting me spend 90% of my time with my children while still working.  Thank you for always loving me. 

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