Monday, November 12, 2012

A Month of Thankfulness Day 12

I should have done this post yesterday but didn't want it to get lost in my list since I was behind.  Today I am thankful for all the veterans and those active duty members that are serving.  I am so thankful that you are willing to be out there on the front lines defending freedom.

Abby was being bullheaded today while I was getting ready to take her and Bear up to our local Veteran's Day ceremony.  She insisted that she wear a white bridesmaids dress someone had handed down to her.  It  had a FULL skirt and was a little long for her (we had to hold it up so she could walk).  I decided that the veterans probably wouldn't mind a little girl over-dressed for the occassion, so I put her in pants and a shirt, dress over the top, her cowgirl boots and a nice jacket.  Black knit gloves and her Hello Kitty stocking hat completed the look.  We got some looks but most were smiles. 

Our local town has a wonderful ceremony for the veterans.  They ask that the families of the deceased veteran's bring their flags in and they have them displayed around the courthouse lawn.  The Newton Marching Eagles played several patriotic songs, a local girl sang the National Anthem, a local minister led the prayer (Nate Hagen), the Boy Scouts led us in the Pledge of Alleigence and then a local Naval Reserve Lietenant (RoxAnn Dhom) gave the speech.  It was beautiful.

Thanks again for all that have served, and are serving our country. 

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