Monday, March 02, 2009

Beyond Five in a Row

One of the first curriculums that I heard of was Five in a Row. Five in a Row is a literature based unit study. Beyond Five in a Row is a little different. Geared for ages 8-12, BFIAR uses 4 literature selections per semester; 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction. It is suggested that a chapter take 1-2 days. There are MANY activities per chapter revolving around history, science, art and literature topics.

We had the opportunity to review Volume 3. The first book is Neil Armstrong - Young Flyer by Montrew Dunham. Chapter 1 activities include learning about tri-motor airplanes, history and geography of 1936, aluminum and alloys, the eardrum, dialogue - correct punctuation, numerical phrases and there is a detailed writing and discussion question. This is all from the FIRST chapter!

Beyond Five in a Row is a very thorough unit study program. All you need to do is supplement with math, grammar and spelling program and you are ready to go! Five in a Row also has programs for older and younger students. If you are intrigued check out their website!

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