Monday, March 30, 2009

Sickness Runs Rampant

Around here anyway.

Lee got sick and feverish Thursday. Bear and Greg got it Saturday. Greg still has it.....Bear and Lee are wimpy and I think that Norman is sick. Ick!

Effingham Taekwondo hosted its first tournament Saturday and I think that it went very well. I was busy, busy, busy all day but it was well worth the effort.

Today I am housekeeping and resting. Laundry is going, dishes are washed, bills are paid and living room is picked up. I am hoping we will be back in the swing of things tomorrow.

Would you believe we had SNOW yesterday??? It snowed for about an hour but thankfully none stuck. I am hoping the potatoes and onions are warm in the earth and that they weren't harmed. The frost this morning made all the green grass white. I gather maybe it will get warmer this week. Mom says it is gonna rain off-and-on all week. I guess spring is here!

I have been listening to some great Vision Forum CD's these past few weeks. This evening I will take a second and let you know all about them!

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