Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Bible Cover


I made this a week or so ago to go over my new hardback Dake Large Print Bible. Let me tell you, that Bible is huge! I can't imagine what a cover for it would have cost so I made one out of stuff that I had laying around here. It bunched up a bit because I bought the wrong kind of interfacing and had to hand sew most of it (machine wouldn't sew through the interfacing) but otherwise it turned out well. I am pleased with it.

Also, I love the Dake Bible. The notes and word definitions are invaluable. I am so glad that I got the large print because I don't think that I could have read the small print.....It was definately worth the money I spent for it.

Anyway, I have some other projects that I am thinking about working on but right now other things need me more and with the great weather we are having I will probably be outside working in my herb and flower beds.

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