Saturday, March 07, 2009


SpellQuizzer is a online spelling program that will help you help your children with their weekly spelling lists.

Are you tired of the repetitious reading and writing of the spelling lists, with a new one every week? So was Daniel Hite. A softward developer, Mr. Hite created a software program to help his children with their spelling words and now you can benefit as well!

SpellQuizzer allows you to create your own spelling lists or import a set of standard lists for each grade level. As the parent, you create the list by typing the word and either creating a prompt or recording a audio of the word. When your child is ready to practice, they hear the recording or see the prompt and type in the word. If they misspell the word, the correct spelling is immediately reinforced.

SpellQuizzer is very easy to use. I had it set up and ready to go in less time than it took to download (about 15 mins. on my medium speed internet). I will say that it makes spelling time much less stressful for a mom and student that hates going over the same words again and again.

SpellQuizzer is available as a free 30 trial download and then may be purchased for $29.99. There is an updated version also, so if you have previously used SpellQuizzer you might want to check it out as well.

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