Sunday, March 15, 2009

Homeschool in the Woods

History can sometimes be boring and seems to lack hands on activities. I am always thrilled to find ways to make history fun and hands on. Homeschool in the Woods does just that with several different projects.

We had the opportunity to make the New Testament LapBook. Lapbooks are an arrangement of file folders containing mini-books with information learned during a unit, in this case, the study of the New Testament. In general, lapbooks seem to be enjoyed by younger students, but my 11 year old son always loves to do them as well.

The New Testament lapbook contains many different graphic information organizers to enhance your study. I love the New Testament newspaper, chronicling the different miracles that Jesus performed and the Armor of God model.

I am eager to tell you that Homeschool in the Woods has many different fabulous products. We love the timeline figures! Also, be sure to check out their Time Travelers series and History Activity Packs.

History is fun! To learn more ways to make it exciting be sure to check out Homeschool in the Woods.

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