Saturday, February 28, 2009


I seem to title a lot of posts "Saturday". Kinda boring but it seems to work for me.

We are busy around here. I guess we are always busy around here. That's ok though. Grocery shopping is done for the next few weeks. I bought some seeds to start here in the house for the garden. I can't wait to eat fresh veggies again. Nothing compares to stuff you pick out of your own garden and cook......canned and frozen and "fresh from the hothouse" just doesn't compare. It seem funny to be thinking of working in the garden when it is so cold and dreary here. We had such warm weather for about 2 days and then BAM back to winter. I am tried of winter.

Are you still working your way through reading the Bible in a year? I am plodding along. I finished Genesis, Exodus and Matthew. I am almost through Leviticus. I think throwing Matthew in there is helping me get through Leviticus. LOL That is usually where all my good intentions go down the drain. I know the information has eternal importance or God wouldn't have seen fit to include it, but I have trouble processing and applying it. So I am just reading it and mulling over it and letting it go this time instead of trying to figure out how to apply it. Maybe later I will need to apply it. For now I am just reading it. I do know that I couldn't have ever made it to heaven if I had to follow all those rules! Maybe that is the truth in Leviticus......I can't do anything on my own to get to heaven. Jesus had to come and save me! I need Him! So there you go, my Bible truth for the day. LOL

Many of the bloggers that I read online have decided to stop writing lately. That makes me sad. I can't help but wonder where I would be today in my online walk and in my life as homemaker and homeschooling mom if it wasn't for those bloggers. Sometimes that was all the encouragement that I had. I hope that others will step up and fill the void so that others will be encouraged in their walk as a child of Christ.

This week will be busy. Got more reviews. Hope that you aren't tired of them and that they are helpful to some. I know that I love to hear about new products. Also, for mothers of younger children, I have found a great new blog....I will work on cleaning up my blog and getting things in the sidebar tomorrow, but the blog is titled 1+1+1=1. She has an interesting idea called Tot School. I really wish that I had this blog 8 years ago.

So have a good weekend friends!

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