Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Late Again

9:00 p.m.

I guess this is the way that it is going to go for now.

Bear doesn't like me to be on the internet. I know that I shouldn't bend to the demands of a 1 year old, but I feel guilty that he wants to play with me and I am just fooling around. So we play. Today he ran back and forth on our sectional sofa. I would hold my arms out just as he almost got to me and he would squeal and run the other way. When I finally caught him, I tickled the dickens out of him :) Cause I am a good momma, you know :)

I was terribly sick yesterday. I really think that I must have eaten something that was bad because I am pretty sure that I haven't ever thrown up that much in my life......not even when we had the terrible, no good stomach bug earlier this year. However, nobody else is sick, so it must be something with me. I had some emotional stuff going on and that tends to affect my stomach but never this bad. I am leaning toward food poisoning of some kind. I am better today, but making a slow recovery. It is hard to be productive when you spent the better part of the day before on the bathroom floor. But I digress......

Got laundry caught up. Dishwasher loaded and ran TWICE. The boys did light school and played in the mud caused by the torrential rains we have been having. The little creek (think big ditch) flooded out. I made them pinky swear not to get in it while they were outside, but I doubt that they listened too much. It is amazing to me that Lee and Greg can go outside in the mud, do the same things, and Lee comes in clean while Greg comes in covered in mud. I just don't understand it. I guess that is one of those mysteries of life. Needless to say, there will be more laundry tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, boy am I busy! Norman has a dentist appointment (he is having 8 teeth pulled in preparation for partials). In the evening, Lee is taking part in the library's chess night and Greg is attending a 4-H event. In different towns. At the same time. That translates into much driving for the mother. And another late night.

Still have the wonderful product review to do. It is a priority on Friday. I think that I actually have 2 to do. One is for TEACH magazine though and won't be published here. Sorry! You will have to subscribe in order to read it.

I also want to do an article on why I choose Sonlight over the other curriculums that I was looking at for this next year. In case anyone cares.

Going to bed now. Have a good night!

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Luke said...

I, for one, am very interested in what drew you to Sonlight. Look forward to reading it [smile].