Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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Animal Story Builders
World of Sports Story Builders
Available from Write Shop

This is a neat idea that my poor feeble brain hadn't thought of yet. Probably never would have either! Anyway, the story builders are sets of themed cards that contain the following: character, character traits, settings and plots. The student draws randomly or selects one of each card and writes about that topic within those perameters.

From the animals card set I could draw the following cards: rabbit, persistance, field and angry hunter and then write or tell a story using those cards. See? Fabulous isn't it? The possibilities are endless! These cards can be used by children that can't write yet, telling the story orally. The teacher's manual/instructions lists several different ways that the writing can be done using the cards. I particularly like the idea of using them on car rides!

The authors suggest that these cards be used as supplemental creative writing practice and encourages the use of dialogue. My boys have been having a lot of fun with them!

I have also used Wordsmith Apprentice with great results! I suspect that all of the Write Shop products are just as top-notch as these. The Story Builders are available from their website for $7.95 and are purchased in ebook form for immediate use!

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