Monday, February 09, 2009

Exhausted Ramblings

It is almost night. If you know me at all you are asking yourself why I am still up. I don't function well on no sleep. I don't function well on less than 8 hours of sleep. If I go to bed RIGHT NOW......I will be pushing to get 7 hours in. Tis looking bad already.

But I feel compelled to write and share. I don't always know why but I often pray that something I say will bless someone else. I also have a great review to post, but feel that I am too tired to do it tomorrow I hope to get that done.

Everything is dandy here. Life is full of laundry, cooking, school and cleaning. Bear has become quite a "curtain climber". My housekeeping isn't great to begin with and now it is nearing non-existant and I struggle to stay ahead of his whirlwind of activity. It is fabulous having a toddler in the house again though. They are always exploring and find the smallest things fascinating. I love to take the time to sit and explore things with them too. Bear is learning how to shake his head no and nod his head yes. He doesn't always get them right, but it is so funny watching him think about a question and decide how to answer. I am not thrilled that he has started being clingy already, but I suppose it is time and this too will pass. The worst part of that is last night he literally slept ON TOP OF ME most of the night. With one hand in my hair and the other around my neck. If I got away from him and scooched over, he went with me. Eventually I was hanging off the bed. When Norman got home from work he pulled him over and snuggled with him but I suspect it didn't last long because I was in the same situation when I got up this morning.

Our income tax refund was put toward the great use of paying down our debt. It is so freeing to not owe so much money to others. I can't imagine how people who are overloaded with debt can manage to operate daily. Our small debt load was weighing heavily on us. I am so thankful it is ever lighter now.

I have decided after much self-debate and searching to go with Sonlight again this year. I will be purchasing Core 4 in 3-4 weeks and we will start in 6 weeks at the most. Hopefully sooner than that. I am going to try to keep us on track with this one (no more rabbit trails!!!!) so that we can finish in 12 months rather than 18. We are reading Carry On Mr. Bowditch right now (we are doing our read-alouds out of order if you are wondering). I am loving it already and the boys are thrilled!

I have got to go to bed. I am going to try to harness the rest of my thoughts and put them to the keyboard at another time. I hope that all of you are having a great week! Goodnight!

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Luke said...

Glad to hear that Sonlight has blessed your family. May Core 4 bring your family the best year yet!