Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Day in our Homeschool

Candy has been posting about how her homeschool works and encouraged us to share what a day in our homeschool is like. It isn't exciting, but here it is!

We get up around 7-8 a.m. It kinda depends on what the plans are for that day and how late we were out the night before. Days after taekwondo classes usually start later than other days.
We begin with Bible. Right now we are reading through the book of Luke. Sometimes we split the reading, sometimes I read to them. Then we share prayer requests and praises and have a time of prayer. I think that this really helps start our day off on the right foot. Then the boys take turns taking baths while the other starts school. Then they switch. I limit bath time to 15 minutes, otherwise they would stay in there all day.

In the morning, both boys must complete the following:
language lesson
writing (Lee - once a week)
reading practice

They are allowed to do these things in whatever order they choose. Some of them they can always do on their own (handwriting) and others always need my supervision (reading practice). Most of them vary from day to day depending on the assignment. During this time I also work on laundry and try to either play with the baby or put him down for a nap. He has decided that he doesn't always want to take the morning nap.

After their subjects are done then they are required to read for 30 mins. We alternate between a book of their choosing and a book of my choosing. When that is done they are free until after lunch. They will usually get most of their chores out of the way for the day and then play with Baby Bear for me while I get lunch fixed.

Norman leaves for work and then we commence history and science studies. We also read some poetry at this time. They do any notebooking, mapwork, timeline work and also complete lyrical life science at this time. Hopefully Baby Bear is asleep at this time as well, but if he isn't we just roll him in with what we are doing. He plays really well in his walker so that helps.

The boys have the afternoon free. Depending on the day of the week we may be going to taekwondo. On those days we also usually go to the library. The boys love the new library! If it is a "stay at home day" then they play outside, in their rooms or work on crafts. Right now, Greg has a study on turtles that he and I are working on during his free time.

We try to have read-aloud time during the evenings when we are home. This doesn't always happen. I need to be more diligent about it.

There is our current school day. I look forward to seeing how everyone else works their days!

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prayzgod said...

Thank you for sharing. It sounds peaceful and relaxed, which is wonderful. :-)